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We've been happy to see the return of cardinals to our balcony as they've been coming by several times a day to munch that yummy yummy birdseed we have out. What's particularly cute about the cardinal couple is that they feed one another seeds from time to time. We sort of caught that here: Read more... )
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Santa Elena Cloud Forest in Costa Rica:

 photo IMG_0981_zpsttynhktg.jpg

 photo 17190971_10212520603068930_365426260025757061_n_zpswzh41q7b.jpg
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Bleeding hearts

We planted these in our Worcestershire, UK garden last year, and they've come up beautifully this spring.
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Today was one of those days where spring just grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying ISN'T THIS GLORIOUS?! So I took a bunch of pictures.

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At the risk of Spamming this group here are three posts that detail the Flower Walk we did this last Sat April 15th on my Ranch in Northern California.

We started up Red Barn Creek which was very full and a bit hard to cross.   As usual the pace was extremely slow at first as everyone stopped and talked about every single new plant (it seemed!)  Eventually we entered the big meadow across from Devil's Den.  One of the members, using her field glasses spotted "a yellow flower" so we all trooped back across the stream and up into Devil's Den.

Devil's Den is an ever changing and eroding mass of highly Serpentine laced soil.  Serpentine rock is part of the mantle rock, not the earth's crust.  It forms in sea bottoms, fractures easily and is thrust up in our countryside as the continental plates collide.  It is full of Magnesium and thus is very hard to grow anything in.  Here the serpentine rock has mixed into this gravelly amalgam.  It erodes really quickly and nothing grows on it.

Here are two pictures of our yellow Owls Clover all tangled up in purple vetch.  They were way more brilliant yellow than either picture shows.

Chuck and Olly brought up the rear of the group as we climbed up and out of the top of Devil's Den.  It looks so smooth and green but the cows make deep hoofprints into the soft grey clay making walking is really rather difficult.

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It was quite a steep climb and near the top Olly and I sat down to chat instead of slosh around on in the mud below.  Olly is 80 this year and not terribly stable on his feet.  I was impressed both with Olly and another older, quite cripple woman who both did the climb quite cheerfully.  We all three sat and watched the others as they poked around, looking at the white Meadowfoam, orange Mimulus, yellow goldfields, brownish topped rushes and who know what else.

I didn't get a picture of M, zipping around in the Gator hauling lunch to the lunch site and people back down the hill when they were ready to turn back.  In between times M did his own Flower Walk.

After lunch the hardiest of the group charged off up the hill to Split Rock.  At least three of them had never been there so we had a good time climbing through the Rock and then seeing the view from the top.   This little Dudlia had a good year with all the rain and is intent on escaping out of the crack in the rock.  I love the contrast with the brilliant orange lichen on the rock.

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Another Dudlia  near the first one is trembling on the edge of full bloom with both grey and orange lichen.

On the way back we saw this lovely pink Lupine (Bluebonnet).  There was quite a discussion about whether it was pink through genetics or by some quirk of environment, with the conclusion that it is probably genetic.

I saw two or three Lupine like this one with pale blue flowers under snow white ones.   In this picture it is surrounded by Quaking Grass (Rattlesnake grass) a horrible invasive with little or no value as feed.

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After about six weeks battling bronchitis, I'm mostly better, and I got out for a slow walk yesterday afternoon. Took my shiny new camera along. Not a lot is blooming yet, but the little magnolia trees are, and the fragrance is wonderful. All these photos are click-to-enlarge-able.

And the cottonwoods are just starting to leaf out, just barely.

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Crossposting some items from my latest blogpost. I had some past posts of the giant fish in our lake. Despite our long stay here we don't see them often. But last week we spotted a fin circling around... Read more... )

Our amaryllis were in bloom recently, all of them popping up around the same time. Read more... )
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I've got many years worth of flora and fauna posts in my blog's nature tag although there are fewer such posts lately. But as a sampling of the sorts of things you could find:

Avian sagas of the various nests of varied birds we've had around our apartment. (This was probably the most popular of those posts).

Unfortunately many of my older posts lost their photos some time back when I had to change photo hosts. Those pics are gathered together here and include some flowers and trees as well as many birds, bird babies, bunnies, and sunsets.
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Hello! I saw your community in the comments of the DW news post and thought, what a great idea!  I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.

As an introduction, here is a critter we had in our neighborhood a few years ago.  I live in Pennsylvania, and we have Eastern Grey Squirrels here, and often I see the black variants around.  This little guy was special because he had a reddish tail.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture -- I had to sneak around the corner of the house with my cell phone to get it, and then had to enlarge it a ton, and it took me months to get that.

a black squirrel with a reddish tail sitting in the grass

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Christmas Eve last year:

Went outside my parents' house and heard a bird call that didn't fit. Took me a minute to realise that it was a yellow-tailed black cockatoo call. Not something I normally hear/see near my parents' house in Australia. Quickly grabbed my sis' camera with her awesome zoom lens to get photos, as the two cockatoos were pretty high in the banksia (I think) tree.

Black Cockatoo nomming on a banksia nut, beak on to the camera

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Mother duck said quack quack quack quack
[Click to embiggen.]

I popped outside for a quick canalside walk after lunch and had to go pelting back to the house to get my camera. Because DUCKLINGS!


Feb. 12th, 2017 05:29 pm
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I was looking for some other photos earlier, when I stumbled across these photos that I'd meant to share over here and never got round to it. Ages ago I went on a little daytrip to see the ruins of the Abbey at Beauly, there are some lovely walks round there by the river and I found quite a few natural things to photograph too.

Old Elm
The traditional graveyard Elm Tree was just the start.
down by the river )

Itchy nose

Jan. 27th, 2017 12:28 pm
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Scratch that itch, sheep
Fluffy sheep had an itchy nose. Fluffy sheep was determined to scratch that itch!
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Sparrows in hedgerow

I went for a walk on a cold, clear, crisp morning here in the UK Midlands, and these two gave me a very thorough squiz from their vantage point above the footpath!

Blue tit

Dec. 9th, 2016 08:14 am
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Blue tit

Winter's nearly here in the UK Midlands. Heralding its impending arrival are the flocks of adorable little floofy birds that frequent our feeders. :)
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Growing in my back yard in Wisconsin

<DSCF3696 alt='A green plant with pink stems and round seed pods ' />
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Toledo sits right on the southwestern-most corner of Lake Erie, about an hour south of Detroit. As such, it's a quite unique mix of lakeshore and woodland/scrubby grassland environments (or at least it seems that way from three hours south of Toledo). They have a forest with sand dunes in! Part of that odd environment is the Great Black Swamp, which covered most of northeastern Ohio before serious European settlement. For some reason or another, I started playing around with the "Things to do in Toledo" pages of TripAdvisor over the fall and found the Irwin Prairie State Nature Reserve, which preserves just about the biggest piece of the swamp left. I don't know a whole lot about it; mostly just what I read in the map/brochure from the trailhead and what's on the state DNR webpage. Just... here is a nature reserve, stay on the boardwalk. I suppose that it's pretty normal to people up there, but it seemed so amazing coming from just a few hours away.

I drove up there in... May or June, I want to say, back before it got so soul-killingly hot out even on the lake. It was absolutely worth the trip.
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Speckled wood butterfly (side)
Speckled woods are allegedly quite common in the UK, but they're also rather shy so I've never had the opportunity to be this close to one before. I think this one is female. It was enjoying a repast of raspberries up at the more tangly end of our garden.

+1, clear view of wing pattern )


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