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Sadly, I didn't have a phone on hand to try to get a photo.

But I just found out that a startled fox on a London balcony will, if feeling cornered, drop two storeys onto the top of a garden wall, bounce off that onto the ground, land with somewhat less dignity than it had intended but apparently without injury, and trot off hurriedly.

In my defense, I really didn't mean to make the fox feel cornered; it's just that my immediate, automatic response to "unexpected furry cat-sized creature" is "stay still, make crooning noises at it, try to edge a bit closer." Had I fled, it would have been able to go round to the other side of the balcony, where you only have to drop down half a storey to an adjacent roof.

ETA: I can't help noticing that there is a very well-chewed yellow foam ball on my balcony, which I did not put there.

Also, by way of apology, I have left a dish of water out on the balcony, because it is a heatwave.
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[Two ducklings, one facing the camera and one showing us its fluffy backside.]

Someone left the top gate on our canal lock open today and these two plus their four siblings got stuck at the far end of the lock next to the closed gate. They couldn't scramble out to meet their momma standing on the lock edge. I went out to chivvy her back toward the open gate, and luckily the ducklings trapped in the lock followed her all the way out the gate, which I shut behind them. All seem to be okay if a little peeved with me, and I can take it!
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Welcome Swallows' Welcome (and introduction)

Hi everyone!

I'm a sysadmin from Perth (Western Australia), and keen photographer. I rarely manage to get out of the metropolitan area, but we have a wonderful variety of wildlife right on our doorsteps.

For example...
Hirundo neoxena, or Welcome Swallow, shot at a jetty on the Swan River, just a couple of minutes' walk from my office, and taken during my lunch break.
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You can also find me on G+ - where I have a collection dedicated to nature - https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/IauoY - including many of my better shots.

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TOAD AMPLEXUS PARTY (and also some birds)

I used to live in Bloomington, down about an hour south of Indianapolis. About twenty minutes east of Bloomington, the state of Indiana maintains the home of T.C. Steele and his wife as a state historical site. I was sure I remembered posting to [community profile] common_nature about it before, but all I can find is a post I made about it in my journal last year.

Steele was a prominent Midwestern artist around the turn of the twentieth century; he trained in Europe and hung out with the Cincinnati artist colony crowd in the late 1800s. He lived in Indianapolis most of his career, but towards the end of his life, he had a house and studio built on a ridge in Brown County, which had its own little artists' colony. At the time it was apparently nothing but fields and hills; he chose that spot for the house because of the view across to the next ridge. At some point over the last century, the land on the ridges was left to grow wild again and now most of the land around it is Yellowwood State Forest and Brown County State Park. So Steele's sweeping vista is gone, but there's still this lovely old house and gardens up on the ridge.

I moved to Ohio a couple years ago, but I still stop through the Steele house site every time I go back to Bloomington. I was down in mid-April and went to look at the progress they've made restoring the grounds and gardens.


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Starling Nest Exercises

I mentioned in some past posts that we have starlings nesting in our balcony ceiling. It's very difficult to get in there so what we often see are them flying up and down trying to get in. I was able to catch one session, though I've counted as many as 13 unsuccessful attempts in a row.

I also added a few more short bird vids to our account yesterday.

Edited to add: There's a radio broadcast going on in the background that has some U.S. political reporting so viewers may want to mute the clip.
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Squirrel Cuteness

Squirrel from my New England backyard...

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Cardinal Beetle

Cardinal Beetle
[Macro image of a cardinal beetle peering over the top of a postcard.]

This visitor landed on my toddler when he was playing outside yesterday evening. Toddler was delighted.
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My irises are finally blooming so I thought I'd share some of the beauty. :D

 photo DSCN1572_zpsmnkyww8p.jpg

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Summer in bloom


 I'm new here, but have some tree photos from a New Delhi summer:


Amaltas (laburnum)

Bare branches, laden with kites and crows

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Stopping by snail on a rainy evening

Hi, I'm new here.

I met this snail crossing the sidewalk Sunday night.

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Pink aquilegia

Pink aquilegia
[Macro image of a pink aquilegia flower that is just past its prime and a little big bug-nibbled but still beautiful.]

Our aquilegias are in full flower. I took this on an unexpectedly warm, sunny day yesterday here in Worcestershire, UK.
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New nest and lots of visitors

Since my last post we've had some new developments bird-wise, and I thought I'd also share photos of some of our other balcony visitors.
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Cardinal Valentines

We've been happy to see the return of cardinals to our balcony as they've been coming by several times a day to munch that yummy yummy birdseed we have out. What's particularly cute about the cardinal couple is that they feed one another seeds from time to time. We sort of caught that here: Read more... )
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Rain Forest Photos from Costa Rica

Santa Elena Cloud Forest in Costa Rica:

 photo IMG_0981_zpsttynhktg.jpg

 photo 17190971_10212520603068930_365426260025757061_n_zpswzh41q7b.jpg
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Bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts

We planted these in our Worcestershire, UK garden last year, and they've come up beautifully this spring.

some days "because sun" is the only reason you need

Today was one of those days where spring just grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying ISN'T THIS GLORIOUS?! So I took a bunch of pictures.

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