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These are September seasonal photos. Click through to flickr for biggerness. Enjoy!

Fungi, Sessile Earthstars, Geastrum fimbriatum: they begin as spheres then their outer layer peels itself back in segments and curls underneath the fruiting body to lift it away from the ground.

Fungi, Sessile Earthstar, Geastrum fimbriatum 2, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 09-12

Four more small images. )
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I live down about an hour south of Indianapolis, and to the east there's a spot called Brown County that's a really popular tourist destination for southern Indiana. I mostly just go through it on the way to Columbus, this funky little town about forty minutes east. But about halfway through Brown County there's the neatest thing hidden away up on a ridge: the T.C. Steele House historical site. T.C. Steele was apparently an Indiana native artist in the early 20th century, and the state maintains his house and gardens up on the hill.

I've never actually been into his house or studio (the grounds are free, you pay for the tour), but it's a lovely place to go walk around. I've only been twice, in the spring and at the end of August, and it's really quite striking how quickly it grew up over a couple months.

Frogs, butterflies, flowers )
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These are very small -- about 3.5" wide. Both watercolor and pen on rag paper, though I used different papers; both drawn from life at my friend's house, where the goldfish are all now inside in the tank.


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