Itchy nose

Jan. 27th, 2017 12:28 pm
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Scratch that itch, sheep
Fluffy sheep had an itchy nose. Fluffy sheep was determined to scratch that itch!
highlyeccentric: A seagull lifting into flight, skimming the cascade (Castle Hill, Nice) (Seagull)
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A friend and I stayed in Hartington for a few days in July, and I'm still working through posting the backlog of photos. For some reason, Tumblr really likes my photos of sheep.

two more )

More sheep, some cows, and landscapes, queued up at [ profile] speculumannorum.
rydra_wong: Lisa Rands' chalky hands on the sloper on the route Gaia (climbing -- hands)
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Last week, I spent five days bouldering on the gritstone in the Peak District. Here are some photos taken on my crappy little phone camera.

They have a lot of sky up there.

Boulder against bright blue sky with fluffy clouds

[Boulder against bright blue sky with fluffy clouds.]

Cut for photos )


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