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Hi, I'm new here.

I met this snail crossing the sidewalk Sunday night.

Image behind the cut )
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I was out walking when I saw a wide variety of colourful but broken snail shells, which were probably evidence of a serial-killing thrush. A bird either dropped snails onto the hard surfaces from a height or, more likely in this case, held a snail in their beak and bashed it, before extracting the snail from the broken shell and eating it or feeding it to a nearby baby bird.

05 Snail massacre, probably by a thrush, Cheltenham 06-15

Link to a larger image on flickr.
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Garden snail, Cornu aspersum, previously known as Helix aspersa, with interesting shell growth striations.

Garden snail, Cornu aspersum, aka Helix aspersa, with interesting shell growth striations, 06-13

One more snail and a flower. )
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Hello to everyone, I love this community, and I wanted to share some of my urban natural world. 

I've been complaining about all the rain we've had--three days without rain since April 15--and much colder than normal temperatures to go with it.  The effect of the urban habitat is interesting.  I took a couple of pictures to illustrate.Read more... )


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