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artglass goldfish web

artglass goldfish two web

Done last night at an art gathering thing -- a lot of work on display in a house where there was also a big tub full of goldfish. I had good beer, a lot of grilled kebabs, and my watercolors. These are the result; 6 x 9" each. 
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horizontal goldfish web

Untitled (yet), 7 x 11" watercolor on tan paper.  Finished last night from a photo I took last fall.
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9 by 12 goldfish web

Koi Pond at Josie's, 9 x 12" oil on panel. :-)  This is at my friend's place, in the yard by her studio, where she has a fish pond. I am so happy the ice is gone, all the fish lived through the winter, and I get to paint more of these soon.
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Still 4 x 4". And I still have a cold which is making my head hurt and my brain kind of inoperative. If I don't respond to comments for a while, that's why.


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