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Proud of these. Two pictures of a yellow and black Tau Emerald dragonfly perching on a plant, the first from the back, the second side on.

Below the cut as they're both pretty big )

July bugs

Jul. 15th, 2014 08:26 pm
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yellow coreopsis with bee-mimic hoverfly
This is a hoverfly, I think. The coreopsis was very busy with a variety of small bees, wasps, and bee-like creatures. I'd hoped to catch a green sweat bee (I've seen them here before), but no luck today.

Lots of interesting bug stuff in my garden today )
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I capped a male Southern Hawker dragonfly, Aeshna cyanea, who was doing a surprisingly good job of blending into the dying and drying late summer vegetation (when he wasn't pretending to be made of liquorice allsorts like the Kandyman. /Doctor Who). I also capped him crapping, heh, but haven't posted that image. ;-)

Three more images. )

Southern Hawker, Aeshna cyanea, male, 4 Worcestershire 08-13
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One close-up photo of a banded demoiselle damselfly taken in Worcester next to the River Severn during June, at my journal and at flickr (links because I don't know how com members feel about images of insects):
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And then I will stop spamming the comm! I am just enjoying having all these cooperative odonates right out my back door.

The spreadwings were still around today, but there were also some darners and a bunch of Striped Meadowhawks (Sympetrum pallipes), handily enough one of the meadowhawk species that can sometimes be confidently identified without capturing them.

2 photos below cut )

Although they are hard to identify, meadowhawks are one of my favorite groups of odonates--they are so bright and beautiful! These were pretty fierce, too--despite being less than half the size of the darner (and hence possibly a potential meal for the darner), a few of them would chase the darner around, harassing it.

More photos (and a bad shot of that frustrating darner) at my journal.


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