July bugs

Jul. 15th, 2014 08:26 pm
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yellow coreopsis with bee-mimic hoverfly
This is a hoverfly, I think. The coreopsis was very busy with a variety of small bees, wasps, and bee-like creatures. I'd hoped to catch a green sweat bee (I've seen them here before), but no luck today.

Lots of interesting bug stuff in my garden today )
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I'm still working on photographing and identifying visitors to our lavender. Contained herein are (I think) a five-spot burnet moth and a drone fly. It's quite easy to mix up the narrow-bordered five-spot burnet moths with the five-spots, so if anyone can confirm which is in the photo, I'd appreciate it!

There've been lots of small tortoiseshell butterflies, but I have yet to see more than one each of peacock and comma butterflies, of which we had many last year.

Five-spot burnet moth

Drone fly

Both photos taken last weekend in rural Worcestershire, England, UK.
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I recently had a chance to visit Bigelow Prairie Cemetery in central Ohio. It's an old pioneer cemetery where the indigenous prairie plants have survived. It's totally surrounded by farmland in cultivation since the 1800s, now corn and soy fields (I'm guessing GMO round-up ready stuff at that), so the cemetery is one of a very few places where the native vegetation survives.

The place was mad with life. Butterflies (sulphurs, painted ladies, pearl crescents, and several others I couldn't identify), bees and wasps, spiders, beetles, hummingbirds - wherever I walked I caused a commotion of living things. I wouldn't have thought that a half acre would be enough to sustain so much life, and maybe it doesn't. But I'm not sure where else they could be going for food in the surrounding ocean of monoculture fields.

Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice; my camera likes to wash out detail in bright light. Such as they are:

Bugs, butterflies, and prairie plants )


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