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20150126 09 Mistletoe

Stalked mistletoe (Amyema miquellii) on a local eucalypt. This mistletoe is native to Australia and its long, thin leaves mimic many types of eucalypts. The photo was taken back in January, while it was still summer in this hemisphere.

Adult orange parasite wasp )

July bugs

Jul. 15th, 2014 08:26 pm
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yellow coreopsis with bee-mimic hoverfly
This is a hoverfly, I think. The coreopsis was very busy with a variety of small bees, wasps, and bee-like creatures. I'd hoped to catch a green sweat bee (I've seen them here before), but no luck today.

Lots of interesting bug stuff in my garden today )
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- May flowers (but no mayflowers) and the lifecycles of lepidoptera and gall wasps: details in rollovers or click through to flickr.

Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja.

01 Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja,  Worcestershire 05-14

Horse chestnut tree flowers, Aesculus hippocastanum, and horse chestnut leaf-miner moth, Cameraria ohridella. :-(

Flowers, moths, and wasps, 9 more small images. )


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