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[Macro shot of a small tortoiseshell butterfly sitting on a sprig of lavender.]

The lavender in our garden has just started to open and attract beautiful visitors. (Rural Worcestershire, England, UK)
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- May flowers (but no mayflowers) and the lifecycles of lepidoptera and gall wasps: details in rollovers or click through to flickr.

Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja.

01 Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja,  Worcestershire 05-14

Horse chestnut tree flowers, Aesculus hippocastanum, and horse chestnut leaf-miner moth, Cameraria ohridella. :-(

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I live down about an hour south of Indianapolis, and to the east there's a spot called Brown County that's a really popular tourist destination for southern Indiana. I mostly just go through it on the way to Columbus, this funky little town about forty minutes east. But about halfway through Brown County there's the neatest thing hidden away up on a ridge: the T.C. Steele House historical site. T.C. Steele was apparently an Indiana native artist in the early 20th century, and the state maintains his house and gardens up on the hill.

I've never actually been into his house or studio (the grounds are free, you pay for the tour), but it's a lovely place to go walk around. I've only been twice, in the spring and at the end of August, and it's really quite striking how quickly it grew up over a couple months.

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Large White butterflies, Pieris brassicae. The first is female, on burdock, and the second is male, on greater knapweed. Note the female's tongue bending down into the flower in the first image, and the male's unusual perching stance and EYES in the second.

Large White, Pieris brassicae, female, on Burdock, Arctium lappa, Worcestershire 08-13

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I recently had a chance to visit Bigelow Prairie Cemetery in central Ohio. It's an old pioneer cemetery where the indigenous prairie plants have survived. It's totally surrounded by farmland in cultivation since the 1800s, now corn and soy fields (I'm guessing GMO round-up ready stuff at that), so the cemetery is one of a very few places where the native vegetation survives.

The place was mad with life. Butterflies (sulphurs, painted ladies, pearl crescents, and several others I couldn't identify), bees and wasps, spiders, beetles, hummingbirds - wherever I walked I caused a commotion of living things. I wouldn't have thought that a half acre would be enough to sustain so much life, and maybe it doesn't. But I'm not sure where else they could be going for food in the surrounding ocean of monoculture fields.

Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice; my camera likes to wash out detail in bright light. Such as they are:

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I've seen all of these butterflies in the last couple of weeks but some of the photos are from last year. The ones that got away were several speckled wood butterflies, which are brown with yellow spot markings (link to google image search results).

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Holly blue butterfly, Celastrina argiolus, male.

A butterfly with bright blue open wings, perched on green ivy leaves

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I took my macro lens out into the garden today (Worcestershire, UK). A holly blue and a hoverfly were being most obliging subjects.

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At tai chi, which my group practice outside, we were outnumbered by peacock butterflies (Inachis io), who flew around us and occasionally perched on us, so when we'd finished I grabbed my camera and chased them through the buddleia. The one I capped, probably a male, is this year's adult but has already faded from its brightest red and metallic blue. Adult wingspan is about 6.5 to 7cm (so the images on this page are about lifesize). The larvae/caterpillars are generally black and always spiky. More details and images here @ ukbutterflies.

Red peacock butterfly, with eyed wings, on pink and green buddleia bush, 1

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There was some courting behaviour going on on Sunday in the garden of the place I'm renting. They're the Orchard Swallowtail butterfly. The female is the one sitting on the leaf. There were 3 males in total at one point!


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