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So yesterday I was waiting to cross a street in the middle of the day and I glanced at the person standing next to me and they were a fox.

We crossed the road and I fumbled for my phone and started following them ...

A fox walking down a London street in daylight.

This was at walking pace; they didn't seem especially perturbed by me or any of the other people on the street.

I thought I'd lost them at one point, turned down a side-street to head back towards my original destination, and found they'd chosen the same side-street.

They inspected the front entryways of various houses, possibly looking for full rubbish-bins:

Fox peering into the entryway of a house.

I caught up with them at the gate to a communal garden on an estate:

Fox at the gate to a communal garden, looking at the camera.

As you can see, they noticed me and I think didn't especially want me getting too close, but weren't too worried either, and certainly had an awareness that HUMAN CANNOT SQUEEZE THROUGH LOCKED GATE:

Fox at the gate to a communal garden.

Last photo taken with an arm through the railings:

Fox roaming on the lawn of a communal garden.
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