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I was looking for some other photos earlier, when I stumbled across these photos that I'd meant to share over here and never got round to it. Ages ago I went on a little daytrip to see the ruins of the Abbey at Beauly, there are some lovely walks round there by the river and I found quite a few natural things to photograph too.

Old Elm
The traditional graveyard Elm Tree was just the start.
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Watching parental robins at an urban railway station: the local robins at University station in Birmingham know which side their bread is buttered, and have begging from the commuters down to a fine art. I was eating my breakfast, a saffron fruit bun (translation from EnglishEnglish: a very buttery bread-textured roll with raisins, sultanas, currants, candied peel, and saffron spice), when an extremely bold robin approached me closely to ask for a share. I picked off a few small pieces until the robin decided its beak was full and flew away to its nest. It quickly returned and made begging-cheeps for more, so I obliged, and then it returned a third time. It was only on the third round that the adult robin ate any crumbs itself. I’d finished my breakfast when it returned a fourth time so I showed it my empty hands, which it understood immediately and went off to look for food elsewhere. (Note: the high animal fat content of my saffron bun makes it better for robins than most processed human foods.)

Tree blossom and Priory, Malvern, Worcestershire 05-15

Watching young birds having learning experiences: I saw an inexperienced wood pigeon attempt to land on my neighbour’s shiny corrugated plastic shed roof and skid along a groove. It then proceeded to attack some overhanging willow leaves, first pecking them and then wrestling them with mighty vigour, before giving up and wandering out of sight. Although it wasn’t quite as funny as the very surprised young crow who recently attempted to land on the same corrugated plastic roof when it was wet, and aquaplaned the length of the roof, lol.

Bluebells, Worcestershire 05-15

How are the seasonal changes moving where you are?
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[Click to embiggen]

Our tree is begrudgingly conceding that it might be spring in the northern hemisphere, and the jay is gently corroborating with particularly plush plumage.
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Close-up of an Ironbark trunk, at Minyon Grass in the Nightcap National Park.

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Photos selected from those I've been posting at [ profile] speculumannorum / [syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed. All tree identification is extremely suspect.
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- May flowers (but no mayflowers) and the lifecycles of lepidoptera and gall wasps: details in rollovers or click through to flickr.

Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja.

01 Garden tiger moth, Arctia caja,  Worcestershire 05-14

Horse chestnut tree flowers, Aesculus hippocastanum, and horse chestnut leaf-miner moth, Cameraria ohridella. :-(

Flowers, moths, and wasps, 9 more small images. )
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willow sketch scan

The willows are all blooming, and it just looks like new leaves until you get very close. These drawings are from May 5, at the edge of Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis.

willow bloom sketch scan
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Six small images in total. )

Tree with tangled branches.

4 Tangled tree, Malvern 01-14

A hole in the tree trunk, about a metre above ground level: who lives in a house like this?

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In December I went for a walk on the Malvern Hills and spotted a midwinter fungus, probably a Clitocybe.

6 Midwinter fungus, probably a Clitocybe, Malvern Hills 12-13

At one point I seemed to have strayed into Middle Earth and saw what appeared to be HUGE fantastical gates in the forest of Broceliande below.

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I live down about an hour south of Indianapolis, and to the east there's a spot called Brown County that's a really popular tourist destination for southern Indiana. I mostly just go through it on the way to Columbus, this funky little town about forty minutes east. But about halfway through Brown County there's the neatest thing hidden away up on a ridge: the T.C. Steele House historical site. T.C. Steele was apparently an Indiana native artist in the early 20th century, and the state maintains his house and gardens up on the hill.

I've never actually been into his house or studio (the grounds are free, you pay for the tour), but it's a lovely place to go walk around. I've only been twice, in the spring and at the end of August, and it's really quite striking how quickly it grew up over a couple months.

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nokomis willow tunnel web

This is the shore of Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. I'm staying there this week, so last night when the sky finally cleared (this was around 7:30) I went out with camera and tiny pocket sketch book in hand.

nokomis willow sketch web

flower bud sunset web

nokomis pink trees1 web
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Evergreen mistletoe growing high in treetops, in Worcester city centre during April 2013, before leaves came out on the deciduous trees.

05 Mistletoe in Worcester city centre 04-13
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A while back (in..umm...May) I went on a wee day trip to Inchmahome Priory, which is a ruined priory on an island in the middle of Lake of Mentieth. I finally got round to do doing a photo post of the trip and thought you guys might appreciate some of the more nature based stuff that I saw.
rear of priory with tree
Natural life of the Island )
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Hello! I just moved to a new place within the Washington DC Metro area, and my new place is a lot more nature-filled than the other one. This is exciting! More trees to play in! Walking paths!

Also, hello, lots and lots of spiders. I'm a big fan of the butterflies, but I could, I guess ultimately I couldn't have lived without the spiders.

Trigger warning: 2 photos of a badass non-dangerous-to-humans spider not to be viewed by those with arachnophobia )

Okay, enough of those scary but kind of awesome 8-legged creatures, here is a chaser photo I took this morning of some of the neighborhood trees with the early morning light hitting them:
Dying tree at dawn
Dead (or is it only mostly dead?) cedar tree illuminated by morning light in foreground, in background some slightly blurry deciduous trees whose leaves are just beginning to have a few red and brown autumn leaves
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I always liked the poets, describing the beauty of nature.
I think this dry leaf, caught in the spider's web, can be a nice decoration to some autumn-related poem :)
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First lot of photos (other than the panoramas) from my visit to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. Loved the autumn colours.
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I visited Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens (near the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia) a few weeks ago to try to photograph the autumn colours. It was a cold day, but beautiful. So very very beautiful. Here's 3 large panoramas. 800 pixel wide versions, then the larger versions.

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