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(Note: I didn't take any of these caps but I have credited as many as possible. Please click through to flickr for further information or ask me in comments.)

The flood defences built in Worcester (pop. c.100,000) and the surrounding area, especially Upton upon Severn and Bewdley, after the record floods of July 2007 have worked despite new record high river levels in the Severn and Teme but there were only a few centimetres to spare and there are about 50 homes flooded in Worcester, mostly around the suburb of Diglis (I think?), with more in the wider local area. The fastest/largest flow/volume of water through the centre of the city was about 500 metric tonnes per second under Worcester bridge (built 1781 and 1841). The only road bridge and both pedestrian bridges in the city were all closed at least temporarily but the Carrington Bridge across the Severn, for the bypass south of the city, remained open. It’s invidious to pick out one token worker or act of bravery but, for example, at one point two Western Power electricity workers waded through three feet of fast flowing water to fix a flooded electrical substation.

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These are September seasonal photos. Click through to flickr for biggerness. Enjoy!

Fungi, Sessile Earthstars, Geastrum fimbriatum: they begin as spheres then their outer layer peels itself back in segments and curls underneath the fruiting body to lift it away from the ground.

Fungi, Sessile Earthstar, Geastrum fimbriatum 2, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 09-12

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Some of these were taken with my new Canon DSLR (yay for finally having a DSLR!), others with my higher end Olympus point and shoot.

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Although this is supposedly a "common" water bird in my area, I've only seen three so far, and only in the last year: the double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus). Today I got to observe a pair of them fishing for quite a while! It was extremely exciting. They are such beautiful birds--I love their weird turquoise eyes.

Double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus)

More cormorants and some other birds at my journal.


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