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Six small images in total. )

Tree with tangled branches.

4 Tangled tree, Malvern 01-14

A hole in the tree trunk, about a metre above ground level: who lives in a house like this?

Knock, knock. Is anyone at home? )
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Red-tailed bumblebees, Bombus lapidarius, nesting. The open cells are "honey pots" for food and the closed are "larval cells" for baby bees. A couple of bees exhibited territorial behaviour by flying at me while I captured these images but they were investigative not aggressive.

1 Red-tailed bumblebee, Bombus lapidarius, Worcestershire 07-13

Two more small images. )
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Random wild flower seen growing between a stone wall and a tarmac path by the River Avon in Bristol: common mallow, Malva sylvestris.

6 Common mallow, Malva sylvestris, Bristol 06-13
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The eldest of the four kestrels flew for the first time earlier today. These screenshots from the Worcester peregrines webcam are from a 10 minute period. I decided not to show you the one with the large pigeon leg + foot sticking straight out of the eldest fledgling's beak. /red in beak and claw

Four more images. )

5. Four young kestrels, Worcester 04-07-13 at 18-34
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Evergreen mistletoe growing high in treetops, in Worcester city centre during April 2013, before leaves came out on the deciduous trees.

05 Mistletoe in Worcester city centre 04-13
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At tai chi, which my group practice outside, we were outnumbered by peacock butterflies (Inachis io), who flew around us and occasionally perched on us, so when we'd finished I grabbed my camera and chased them through the buddleia. The one I capped, probably a male, is this year's adult but has already faded from its brightest red and metallic blue. Adult wingspan is about 6.5 to 7cm (so the images on this page are about lifesize). The larvae/caterpillars are generally black and always spiky. More details and images here @ ukbutterflies.

Red peacock butterfly, with eyed wings, on pink and green buddleia bush, 1

Three more similar images. )
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I took this photo of violets last week, in northern Manhattan (Inwood Hill Park). It was very early for violets here, but the whole spring has been running early, starting with dandelions in late January. (Also uploaded to Flickr, two photos of different kinds of tiny purple flowers I don't have names for, and one of the same kind of violets, tiny purple flowers, and bright magenta rhododendron, also from the warm spell, but taken in Central Park.

violets growing in a sidewalk crack


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