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I was weeding the garden the other day and disturbed this electric green caterpillar, which I think will eventually become an angle shades moth, assuming it likes its new location under a large aquilegia plant!
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I took my macro lens out into the garden today (Worcestershire, UK). A holly blue and a hoverfly were being most obliging subjects.

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Hi! I thought I would share these photos of the bush next to my front porch steps. I have no idea what it is, but I doubt if it's anything exotic. Anyone know? It's extremely prickly, I know that much! There's a second, smaller bush tangled up in it, so you'll glimpse leaves that don't match the rest.

I live in south-eastern Wisconsin, a few miles from Lake Michigan. I've inherited the 100-year-old house I grew up in, and if the saga of my adventures as a first-time homeowner might interest you, check out my alter-ego, [personal profile] alsosid. I was just posting these photos there and thought they would fit in over here, too.

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First lot of photos (other than the panoramas) from my visit to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. Loved the autumn colours.
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I visited Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens (near the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia) a few weeks ago to try to photograph the autumn colours. It was a cold day, but beautiful. So very very beautiful. Here's 3 large panoramas. 800 pixel wide versions, then the larger versions.

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A few bits of modly business: First, the paid account that some kind person bought for this community some time ago has just expired. I don't think we ever made use of any of the paid features, but if somebody has money just sitting around that they'd like to use to repay Dreamwidth for the joy it gives us all, buying paid time is always a good way.

Second, poll:
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Do you think it's a good idea to start some community-building type activities on common_nature?

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No, I don't think we need that
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Maybe? I don't care?
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Sure, but I probably wouldn't participate
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Yes, and I might even participate
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Yes, and I'd even volunteer to be in charge of one
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Only if you do [this specific thing]
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What sort of things would you be interested in?

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Semi-regular open thread/themed discussion posts
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Challenges of some kind
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Link round-ups of nature themed posts elsewhere on DW
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sign-ups for people to post something on a particular date
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something else
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And to give this post a bit more content, here are some fall color pictures from my neighborhood that I've been meaning to post.

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