Tawny owl

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:50 am
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Short-eared owl
[Grainy photo of a short-eared tawny owl sitting on a lawn]

I know this isn't the greatest photo of all time. In my defense, I did take it from behind a dusty windowpane in an upstairs bedroom where I was crouched breathlessly lest I frighten it off.

There've long been barn owls living at my partner's parents' home in rural Norfolk, but I'd never seen any other type of owl there. I was surprised, therefore, to see this tawny owl (h/t to [personal profile] shapinglight for corrected identification) sitting on their lawn at dusk a couple of weeks ago. I worked out that it was watching a group of four partridges who were pecking through the pebbles in the drive, closer to the house. They seemed a rather optimistic target, given that the owl wasn't much bigger than they were.

The owl flew off and returned to the lawn several times whilst I watched, but never made a move on the partridges, who eventually moved onto the roof of the house and over to the other side.
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[YouTube video, 00:00:10 in length, of a muntjac deer checking out the IR camera]

I took the motion-sensitive IR camera on our holiday trip to rural Norfolk, and it captured a couple of members of the feral muntjac deer population (which is quite large in that area) nosing about in the out-laws' garden. I like how the one in the video above is clearly having a squiz at the camera on its tripod!

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The toddler and I followed this large white butterfly from flower to flower for about fifteen minutes on this very sunny morning.
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September / October were dry and very warm, now we are in the middle of November and it's still warm but also very muggy. The autumnal fungi which we didn't see in October are now having a whale of a time turning up everywhere. I am not that good on Fungi and haven't got my books here with me. [profile] garienos' garden is growing Fly Agaric again which I can, however, identify.

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