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Today was one of those days where spring just grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying ISN'T THIS GLORIOUS?! So I took a bunch of pictures.

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In December I went for a walk on the Malvern Hills and spotted a midwinter fungus, probably a Clitocybe.

6 Midwinter fungus, probably a Clitocybe, Malvern Hills 12-13

At one point I seemed to have strayed into Middle Earth and saw what appeared to be HUGE fantastical gates in the forest of Broceliande below.

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Common: Parasol, probably Macrolepiota procera (marvellously toadstoolly cap)

1 Fungi, Parasol, probably Macrolepiota procera, closed, 10-12

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These are September seasonal photos. Click through to flickr for biggerness. Enjoy!

Fungi, Sessile Earthstars, Geastrum fimbriatum: they begin as spheres then their outer layer peels itself back in segments and curls underneath the fruiting body to lift it away from the ground.

Fungi, Sessile Earthstar, Geastrum fimbriatum 2, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 09-12

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A while back (in..umm...May) I went on a wee day trip to Inchmahome Priory, which is a ruined priory on an island in the middle of Lake of Mentieth. I finally got round to do doing a photo post of the trip and thought you guys might appreciate some of the more nature based stuff that I saw.
rear of priory with tree
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As Monday seems to have become my nature diary day.... I managed to photograph a couple of speckled wood butterflies this week but as I included a link to other people's images last week I won't post them. The ones that got away this week were all red admirals, which I see at this time of year inexplicably fluttering around the eaves of buildings.

Lichen, possibly Candelariella reflexa.

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I see what is apparently Trametes versicolor on dead wood in my area of the Pacific Northwest:

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Hello to everyone, I love this community, and I wanted to share some of my urban natural world. 

I've been complaining about all the rain we've had--three days without rain since April 15--and much colder than normal temperatures to go with it.  The effect of the urban habitat is interesting.  I took a couple of pictures to illustrate.Read more... )
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There's a very small patch of dirt in my back yard, where the paving meets the house wall. I seem to have developed mushrooms, beloved of the snails. Behind the cut, a photo of my wee autumn mushrooms.

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