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Happy Sparrow 7, 10" x 8", ink and watercolor on cotton paper. These bold little birds stay here in Minnesota all winter long, and I feed them because I enjoy having them around -- and taking photos of them to turn into art. They're actually an invasive species, European house sparrows, but they're well established and never going away, so I may as well simply appreciate them.

Common Crow

Jul. 8th, 2014 12:55 pm
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This wasn't the shot I wanted to get, but the birds all flew away when I stopped my car to photograph them. I caught only this one, lifting off from the top of a big metal sign. The energy and motion made it a keeper despite its flaws, so I goofed around with the color and contrast to bring out what I liked.


Sometimes I think about how it would be if common crows weren't common, but rare, and rarely seen. No doubt they'd be highly valued for their intelligence and their dramatic, iridescent black cloaks. Familiarity really does breed contempt. :-) 

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These little ones are 6" x 6" basswood panels with pencils, oil paint, and wax medium. A nice change from all the works on paper I've been making. Drawing/painting forces me to pay a lot more attention, so now I know stuff I didn't notice before, like the particular shape of robins' heads, the way their upper-leg feathers are grey rather than red, the individual variations in the white markings around their eyes.

Individual photos under the cut!

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Blue & Gold #4, 5 x 7", the final one in this set.

I really enjoyed finding the mimosa flowers to use for this fellow, as I needed the golden yellow color but didn't want autumn and had enough of the forsythia for now.

We're about to have anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow dumped on our heads over here in the Twin Cities, so I'll take all the golden sunshiny colors I can get. :-D

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... because one person commissioned the first piece, and then everyone loved it, and now I've made three.


Blue and Gold, 10 x 8", mixed media on paper. This was the first of the series.

Two more under the cut )

If you'd like to find me in other places online, that information is here. All I ask is that you don't link my DW/LJ username with my real name in any place Google will find it.


Feb. 8th, 2012 11:20 am
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Poof (Blue Milkweed), 11 x 6", watercolor and pastel on paper

I have these pods in my little home studio, where they are currently shedding pearly fluffy seeds all over my palette and I don't even care. I pick them as closed green pods in September/early October, and keep them and they split open gleefully in the dead of winter.

Oh, and a community question. If a tag doesn't exist for something I post, am I supposed to just add the tag myself? In this case, "seeds," "plants," "weeds" or "botanical" would fit but I don't see any of those.


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