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I have been meaning to get a picture of this spider for identification purposes (I think it's an orb weaver? Any thoughts on that definitely welcome!), and I sort of got distracted while I was out there.

All these pictures can be clicked for larger/uncropped, but those are pretty huge, so click at your own bandwidth's risk.

3 different angles of the same spider )
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Hello! I just moved to a new place within the Washington DC Metro area, and my new place is a lot more nature-filled than the other one. This is exciting! More trees to play in! Walking paths!

Also, hello, lots and lots of spiders. I'm a big fan of the butterflies, but I could have...no, I guess ultimately I couldn't have lived without the spiders.

Trigger warning: 2 photos of a badass non-dangerous-to-humans spider not to be viewed by those with arachnophobia )

Okay, enough of those scary but kind of awesome 8-legged creatures, here is a chaser photo I took this morning of some of the neighborhood trees with the early morning light hitting them:
Dying tree at dawn
Dead (or is it only mostly dead?) cedar tree illuminated by morning light in foreground, in background some slightly blurry deciduous trees whose leaves are just beginning to have a few red and brown autumn leaves
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A few things I've found especially exciting in explorations this spring and summer, all in Colorado.

Spotted coralroot is a type of parasitic orchids. Coralroots wrap themselves around the roots of trees, and get food from symbiotic fungi rather than photosynthesizing.

Spotted Coralroot (Corallorhiza maculata)

More plants (2 photos) )

Insects: dragonflies, beetles, a leafhopper, and a praying mantis (8 photos) )

And under a separate cut, a green-eyed wasp and a jumping spider (2 photos) )


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